Toronto Area Gamers

I am an Ataglogogredssistant Organizer with the Toronto Area Gamers. TAG is an organization that connects players in Toronto with gaming events and campaigns. We have over two thousand members and have been featured in several Toronto-centic blogs, such as BlogTO.

Part of my roles as an assistant organizer is that I help review member complaints and recommend resolutions to interal conflicts. I have collaborated on our Member Responsibilities and Zero-Tolerance Policy on Sexual Harassment. These were developed to help foster an inclusive gaming community in Toronto.

I regularly volunteer as a Game Master for TAG events. Games I have run as public events include but are not limited to Golden Sky Stories, Monster of the Week, Don’t Rest Your Head, Before The Storm, Fate Core, Dream Askew, Fiasco, Community Radio, Ryuutama, Summerland, Apocalypse World and WEG Star Wars.

You can find out more at the Toronto Area Gamers Meetup Group.