About Me

My name is Rach Shelkey. I’m a game designer, community organizer and podcaster living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada 

I’m an organizer in the Toronto gaming community and involved with Breakout Con, FanExpo Canada, the Toronto Area Gamers meetup community and the Sparkle Dice Alliance. Occasionally, I share my opinions about gaming and gaming culture on the internet.

My background in game development is in Fantasy Sports. I worked in the industry for five years, developing events and games for media outlets and major league teams. These games strictly followed a contest-based model as opposed to more well-known gambling-based models (Fan Duel, Draft Kings). 

My current day job is in pharmacy; I’m a Registered Pharmacy Technician with the Ontario College of Pharmacists. I work full time at a hospital outpatient pharmacy, where I work directly with Canada’s largest organ transplant program, and part time in an inpatient setting for a Level 1 adult trauma centre. As part of my practice, I’m a Program Advisory Committee Member for the Pharmacy Technician program at Centennial College. PAC members meet regularly with faculty to evaluate the curriculum, discuss expectations for students and new grads, and share industry trends and advancements.

You can contact me at rach@teddog.com