About Me

My name is Rachelle Shelkey, but I often go by “Rach”. 

I’m an organizer in the Toronto gaming community. I am involved with several Toronto-area conventions, a local RPG community group and occasionally share my opinions about gaming and gaming culture on the internet.

My history in game development is in Fantasy Sports gaming. I worked in the fantasy sports for about five years until I decided to leave the profession. My job involved developing events and games for media outlets and major league teams. These games strictly followed a contest-based model. I have many opinions and things to say about fantasy sports and the gambling-based model, as found on Fan Duel and Draft Kings, if you’re bored at a con and want to talk about that over drinks.  

My current day job outside of gaming is in pharmacy. I work full time at a outpatient pharmacy specializing in Transplant medications and part time at a hospital inpatient pharmacy.